This is a minimalist package manager for *nix systems. It uses only formats which can be easily manipulated with standard tools (tar, gzip and bzip2, plaintext files, and optionally Berkeley DB), and is written entirely in portable C using only standard library and POSIX calls. The sole exception is optional support for package files using gzip (requires zlib) and bzip2 (requires libbz2) compression, and for keeping the package database in Berkeley DB format. The mpkg package manager can comfortably function in only small amounts of memory, especially with uncompressed packages, and compiles to a reasonably compact (around 130 KB stripped depending on compile-time options and platform) binary.

The mpkg package manager is written by Andrea Shepard, with Berkeley DB code by Dana Koch, and released into the public domain.

Download mpkg 0.1 source tarball here. Released on 2009-08-10.

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